B&D Automotive

7901 Governor Printz Blvd.
Claymont, Delaware 19703
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7:30am - 5:30pm EST M-F


Robert J. Hershberger, Jr. (Bob)

-ASE Certified Technician

-DEEP Certified Emission Repair Technician

-MACS Certified Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

-Claymont Lions Club Member

David L. McCracken (Dave)

-ASE Certified Technician

-MACS Certified Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

-Treasurer and Co-founder of the Delaware Automotive Service Professionals

-Treasurer for the NAPA Service Pros, a local business development group

I started my automotive career in 1973 for part time employment while attending high school.  I found a job working for a local Exxon service station pumping gas. While watching over the mechanic's shoulder, I gained an interest in repairing automobiles. It wasn't long before the mechanic had me turning wrenches. He taught me all the basic theory and procedures of car repair while on the job.

In 1975, I enrolled at Delaware Technical Community College in Stanton with a focus in electronics.  By this time I was working full time at the Exxon station and attending classes at night.  Working 70 hour weeks at a rate of $3.00 an hour and no prospect of a raise in sight, I started looking for other employment.  In July of 1976 I found the opportunity to better myself at another Exxon station located in Claymont.  Shortly after starting my new job, I decided to give night school a rest.  Over the next 6 years I gained refinement, the importance of a quality job and most of all the power of honesty.  This is also where I met Bob Hershberger, the "B" in B&D Automotive.  I never returned to Del Tech to pursue a degree in electronics.

I won't go into all the details of what transpired during 1981, but by the fall of that year, Bob and I knew there had to be a change.  Plan "A" was to negotiate to purchase the business from our employer. When we were flat out refused, we went to plan "B" and opened our own shop a quarter mile down the road.  Our evolution can be found under "Our Heritage".

Having a computer in our office and not knowing the magic that makes them work prompted me to take computing on as a hobby. I also saw the need to understand computers from an automotive perspective.

Looking to the future, I found myself lacking in one very important area, business management. So in 1994 I enrolled in a Management course which enhanced what I already knew from personal experience.

My mission has been from early on, to offer an honest and quality approach in the automotive repair industry.  To communicate with people, understand their needs and educate them so they have a better knowledge of their vehicle and my industry.  To continue my own education in all the areas which benefit our customers.

Since 1996, I have been the treasurer of our local trade association.  In 2009 I assisted in the formation of the Delaware Automotive Service Professionals and it's non-profit status.  I also serve as treasurer for the NAPA Service Pros, a business development group comprised of local NAPA service centers in the tri-state area.


Faith K. Moyer

Hi, I'm Faith, the part time secretary.

I started working for B&D in Sept. 1983.  I worked full time until 1997, when I changed to part time to enjoy more of "my" time.  No two days are alike in this business. A very unique kind of job.

The customers are why we are here and I enjoy listening, talking and sharing with them.

My duties are broad based, such as bookkeeping, telephone operator, parts runner, shuttle driver and keeper of the cats.

Oh, by the way, I'm the owner's mother!